REMEHA AVANTA PLUS 18S / 24S / 24C / 28C MAIN HEAT EXCHANGER 720544601 S62777

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This Part taken from a used, fully functioning boiler ( AVANTA PLUS 24S ) refurbished and packaged protectively to ensure it reaches you in a ready-to-fit condition. As a used item, it is entirely expected that there may be some light cosmetic damage; marks on casing etc. although this will not affect the function of the part.

Fits Appliance(s) GC No.
Avanta Exclusive 28C     –     47-288-03
Avanta Plus Combi 24C     –     47-288-01
Avanta Plus Combi 28C     –     47-673-02
Avanta Plus ECO Combi 28C     –     47-282-02
Avanta Plus System 18S     –     41-288-11
Avanta Plus System 24S     –     41-288-05

A large amount of other parts also available for this model and other models in the Remeha range. Please contact us if you require a specific part and we can list it for you.






Fits Appliance(s) G.C No.

Avanta Exclusive 28C – 47-288-03
Avanta Plus Combi 24C – 47-288-01
Avanta Plus Combi 28C – 47-673-02
Avanta Plus ECO Combi 28C – 47-282-02
Avanta Plus System 18S – 41-288-11
Avanta Plus System 24S – 41-288-05