Helping you and your boiler to ‘Go Green’with original boiler parts

With so much emphasis being made on the need to ‘go green’ today in a bid to be more environmentally friendly, we often overlook the small things that can make a huge difference. Here at Boiler Recycling Ltd , based in Chelmsford we have identified a key area where not only can we help you to go green, but also help you make massive savings.

Recycling applies to used original boiler parts, not just creating new parts from recycled materials

Recycling is a word most often associated with household waste. However, this is such a narrow view of what recycling actually includes. If you think how many people buy second-hand or ‘pre-used’ parts for their car, this is just one example of ‘recycling’. Recyclingand going green doesn’t mean an original product has to be transformed into something new. Instead, recyclingcan involve the use of one component from one redundant machine in another similar machine, in our case, a boiler.

Recycled boiler parts – refurbished boiler parts – reconditioned boiler parts

These are all different terms used for exactly the same thing, so whether you wish to refer to them as recycled, refurbished or reconditioned, all our boiler parts help to achieve two major goals. As opposed to new boiler parts which use up valuable natural resources and which require considerable amounts of energy to manufacture and ship, all our parts at Boiler Recycling are virtually ‘carbon neutral’, which means that in choosing to buy a recycled boiler part, by the time you then have it fitted, the ecological impact on the planet is minimal. The second of our goals is to save a considerable amount of money.

A massive range of boiler partswith savings of up to 90% on brand-new parts

We scour the country looking for boilers to strip down and recycle, which means that we have an incredible range of parts for just about any boiler you can think of, whether it is a gas boiler, oil or solid-fuel boiler, or even electric boilers. With access to so many parts, you will find you can make fantastic savings of up to 90% on the cost of brand new original manufacturer’s parts.

Original boiler partsare far cheaper, far greener and far better than brand new generic boiler parts 

The practicalities of the internet mean you can ‘shop around’ from the comfort of your own home for just about anything. However, when it comes to boiler parts, you will always find cheap boiler parts or ‘generic’ boiler partsthat will seem to ‘fit’ your own boiler. Of course, there is usually a catch as to why these brand new boiler partsseem such good value compared to official manufacturer’s parts. The reason for this is usually down to the quality of the materials used, as this is where the greatest savings on the cost of production can be made. Often, they will come with a guarantee, but what use is a guarantee from a business you have never heard of, based in China?

Guaranteed original manufacturer’s boiler parts, with a one-year guarantee as Well

Here a Boiler Recycling it is important to us that you get good value for money and that all our boiler partsare ‘fit for purpose’, which is why we only stock original parts which also come with a one-year guarantee for your peace of mind. Our reputation for providing used boiler parts depends on great feedback from happy customers, so it would do our business immeasurable harm, thanks to today’s trend of turning to social media to voice any complaint, if we didn’t provide quality used boiler parts every time. Do your research and you’ll find we have a fantastic reputation for providing great value for money – what more do you need to know?

Need a recycled boiler part?  Contact us and let us help you go green

If you need a replacement boiler part, then just give us a call and with the range of recycled boiler parts we have in stock, we can hep you get your boiler up and running again in no time at all with our express delivery.